Progress Door, LLC is a leading provider of sales, service, and installation of automatic entrance systems and door controls. ADA door opener installations from Progress, offer an easy and cost effective way to furnish businesses with accessible entryways. Our swing door operators can convert your store or facility into an ADA compliant entrance without the hassle or costs associated with rebuilding an entire doorway or replacing whole store front.

As a general rule, we recommend a biannual inspection of doors to ensure everything is in working order, thus extending the life of our products. We are more than happy to carry out these inspections for you – whether we installed your doors or not!

But we’ll also let you in on a little secret: buying highly quality products – and having them properly installed and finished – is the first and most important step in effective maintenance.


General maintenance program:

This program entails sending a certified insured professional to the site. The certified professional will inspect the automatic or manual doors at specified times upon agreement. At these times during the day, there may be heavier foot traffic experienced. The general maintenance inspection also includes a thorough examination of all operational components of the door. This is to ensure that they adhere to the manufacturer’s standards and specifications. Other components that will be checked are included but not limited to: the opening and closing speeds and mechanisms, as well as the sensors, pivots, belts, gears, and general door hardware. Should any of these need replacing due to natural wear and tear, the technician will tune or replace depending on the condition of the components. The maintenance cost for the general maintenance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This plan covers labor only, parts are extra.

Full maintenance program:

This program involves your automatic doors undergoing routine inspection, and preventative maintenance repairs. We would schedule an appointment at a set time and cost. Full-service maintenance usually takes place once or twice a year. Thus would include all labor and material costs. To ensure that you allot a clear budget, you would sign the purchase agreement. This permits us to agree upon cost for the full-service maintenance. This prearranged agreement is beneficial for your enterprise, because it allows you to allocate for it in your annual budget and you can schedule time for the maintenance so it does not affect peak foot traffic times.

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